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My First 300 Words

Posted by melagee on May 17, 2005

The assignment for last week was to write the first 300 words. Currently untitled.


Her finger poked delicately at the days-old scab on her arm. She’d been saving that one. Her tongue slid over her lips, leaving behind a trail of saliva which did little to settle her appetite. Placing thumb and forefinger on either side of the scab, she gave a little pinch. Her wince and her grin were indistinguishable.

She was alone and it was late. The room was dark, and the lack of light gave her skin a youthful appearance. The hair on her arm was standing on edge, not from the cold but from anticipation. Her watch sat on the table next to her and ticked softly yet persistently.

She bit the inside of her lip, but not hard enough to draw blood. Pinching the scab was necessary, since without nails she needed leverage to peel the protective covering. She nudged at the edge of her scab with a finger, peeling it slightly around the edges. Blood, dirt, and hair slowly detached from her arm. As the air touched the now-open wound, her breathing became more harsh; her teeth bit harder into her lip.

When finally it was free, she held the scab in between two fingers and studied it. Weighing it on her finger; angling it for view from all sides. She squeezed the far ends towards each other slightly, testing the firmness of the shell. Balancing it on one finger she raised to her face. Parting her lips and letting only the tip of her tongue poke out from her mouth, she placed the scab carefully on the edge.

Pulling her tongue back into her mouth, a small pool of saliva rushed forth to embrace its new prize. She realized she’d been holding her breath, and she forced herself to let go. Settling back into her chair she flipped the scab with her tongue; teased it with her teeth. She had always loved playing with her food.


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