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Application Exercise

Posted by melagee on June 8, 2005

‘Shannon complained to the hotel manager about the dirty room, but he was not the least bit helpful.’

This is a sentence which ‘tells about’ an encounter . I want you to construct a possible scene which illustrates the sentence in a lively way. Show, don’t tell. No more than 200 words.


Shannon walked briskly up to the hotel counter and flashed a quick smile. “Hi.” She said, dragging out the “i”.

The man on the other side of the counter – his nametag read Derric – didn’t look up from the computer screen he was examining. His mouth turned down in a slight frown and he said: “Good afternoon, madam. How may I help you?”

Shannon smiled again, tightly this time. “Hi, Derric, is it? First you can help me by looking at me.” He looked up, surprised. “Thank you. Second you can help me by sending someone upstairs to my room to clean it up. I’m in room 209.”

“Is there a problem with the room?” His face was impassive.

“Yes, Derric. Maybe you didn’t just hear me.” She laughed falsely. “My room is dirty; please have someone clean it.”

“The rooms are cleaned every morning, madam. Perhaps housekeeping hasn’t gotten to your room yet.” He turned back to look at the screen.

“I’m sorry,” She said, in a tone that made it very clear she was not sorry in the least. “Maybe I’m not making myself understood. I would like someone to go up to my room and clean it now. Right now. Not later today, or tomorrow, but now.”

“I’m very sorry, madam, but Housekeeping is very busy, and they have a fixed schedule. I couldn’t possibly alter their routine.”

Shannon stared at him for a moment. “I’m sorry,” she repeated. “May I speak with the manager?”

Derric looked back to her and offered a toothy smile. “I am the manager, madam.”


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