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A Brilliant Actor

Posted by melagee on June 24, 2005

You stood on the railing of my balcony and spread your arms wide to the world. The stars served as a suitably impressive backdrop to your melodrama, and I could see that it pleased you. Love me or mourn me, you said. But there was a smile tugging at your lips and I knew you weren’t serious. It was only another in a long string of games that you could play with me.

I returned the smile you refused to show me. None of this was real, none of it meant anything, And Yet And Yet. You could still solicit emotion from me, even when I told myself my resolve was strong. The wind rallied against you, playing with your shirt. I felt it cut through me like I was made out of paper. For you the wind was only another player in the scene; for me it was a harsh review.

You tilted your head at me. Goosebumps rose on my bare arms. My teeth were grinding together as I avoided your eyes. I could hear the shuffle of your shoes on the railing as you adjusted your footing. You were holding the pose for dramatic intent, but the scene could only last so long if neither one of us said anything. The audience would soon become bored and restless.

You must have noted the dead air of my indecision, and so made my choice for me. To this day I remain astounded at the lengths to which you would go for a dramatic ending. The audience always loves a good twist.


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