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Posted by melagee on July 21, 2005

Green is the colour of my happiness. Green is the colour of the grass where I sit and consider the world. People watching for hours and never a coherent thought in my mind; somehow I come to know myself better this way. The world is clearer when my mind is not muddled with voices bickering and dictating my actions. When I lay back and my head flops to the side, green surrounds me and fills me and envelopes me. Green is the colour of my comfort.


Blue is the colour of your opportunities. The world has given you an ocean, beautiful and vast, in which to play. The water ripples as far as you can see, and the possibilities for enjoyment seem as endless as the sky. But instead of jumping carelessly into the expanse, you pause too long to consider when you last ate. Blue is the colour of your confusion.


Red is the colour of your anger. Red is the colour of your face when you hold your breath, petulantly refusing to bend. Heat radiates from your body, melting any outside concern. Your eyes squish closed and pop open rapidly; your teeth clench so tightly they could almost shatter. Your panic and indecision both calls me forward, and holds me back. Red is the colour of your rage.


Purple is the colour of my sadness. Like fresh mud, pulling and sucking me down too deeply to ever find my way out. Coating my skin and pouring into my mouth so that I can’t breath can’t feel can’t exist. There’s no where to go and no way to get there; darkness everywhere, but not dark enough to release me from seeing. I sink continually, never touching the bottom, unable even to reach out. Purple is the colour of my depression.


She is a rainbow. Vivid and sparkling, calling out to me with screams of light. Her arches soar through cloud and rain, reaching for the foundations from which she came, yearning for the safety of solid ground. She dances and flickers, a beautiful transparency; she runs the moment she is found. A twisting reflection of all that is pure and good in this moment, she gives me just enough to lead to hope and never enough to stop and rest. She is a rainbow of contradictions.


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