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Depth Without Meaning

Posted by melagee on August 23, 2005

And as I danced among the stars, my mind was, for once, remarkably clear. The voices of my past and my future were temporarily at ease with one another; the bickering had ceased. Peace was descending upon my being, and with it came the bliss of knowing who I was and what I was doing.

My toe grazed the Earth, sending it spinning faster on its axis. A chain reaction of planetary movements commenced, like an interstellar game of dominos. I could feel the planets shifting into place from where they were to where they were meant to be. I had seen the true purpose of the universe and moved to right the mistakes of creation. My universe would be a sight to behold.

In the past you have known me best as an emotional scar. My wounds were exhibited across my body for all to see and sympathize with. But sympathy was never what I wanted. The normalcy of life was my constant craving, at once with the envy of uniqueness. The contradiction of my heart’s desire has always been with me.

Shards of light and dark slice through my skin; I bleed life. The creation of everything that is and ever will be has begun anew. And in this new and vibrant field, I will care for you as you have always needed someone to. I will be there for you, always. In creating you, I grow to love you, and am sated by the love you return.

Where once there was a beautiful madness, now there is only an eternal calm. My body spins more slowly; my arms come to rest at my side. There universe is a storm of creation, and in the centre of it all is a stillness.

I have wondered who I am, and now I know. I am the one who holds planets in her hands. I am the one who flies in the atmosphere and beyond. I am open to life and opportunity and chaos, and see the inherent beauty in each. I am the one you wished for; the one you wished you could be. I am everything.


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