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Posted by melagee on October 22, 2005

You flap your arms in earnest, lifting your chin to face the sun. The breeze blows gently at your hair, lifting it off your shoulder. Bumps rise on your arms in anticipation and you stretch up on your toes. You close your eyes and hold your breath, lifting one foot, you step off the roof.

Falling now, the wind rushing hard against you, your arms never stop wagging back and forth back and forth. All the way down past innumerable floors of people living their lives, you fly towards the Earth. Your arms tire and the coldness of the wind bites at your face, but you are free. You are alive. You are flying.

In the seconds before you hit the Earth and all thoughts cease, you had an eternity inside your head to consider your choices. The reality of your actions do not exactly match the intentions you had when you stepped out onto the roof, but failure is still preferable to fear. You may not have soared the skies, but you live in the attempt.

Your body will break and your mind will close. But you will come back, and when you do, you will try again. As your body crashes into its end, you smile inwardly. There are no regrets. If you never make the jump, you will never learn to fly.

and she laughed all the way down.
and I will too.


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