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I Want

Posted by melagee on November 6, 2005

I want. But what do I want?

The air is brown and murky, and swirls of mystery surround me. I can see only as far as the end of my nose, and what remains out of sight both taunts and teases me. In this place there is no sight, no sound, no air to breath. There is only the unknown and what lies beyond.

My arms rise slowly through the sludge, searching for something to hold. Some solid form of reality to tell me that there is a way out. Feeling nothing in any direction my eyes burn with tears and the foul fumes of my indecision begin to seep into my nose and my mouth. Nothing bars my path and yet I remain standing in one spot, too scared to move in any direction.

I cannot see what lies before me; all of my futures are blocked from my view. It is the unknown that frightens me. It is the unstability of my happiness that keeps me immobile. I stand here and scan the murky options before me, panic growing in my chest. The feeling grows ever more certain that if I do not make a choice soon, the choice will be made for me.

Suddenly, a hand reaches through the fog and grasps my arm.


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