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Getting Ready to Blog

Posted by melagee on July 16, 2009

Okay, so, I admit it: ever since I decided to participate in the Blogathon (give me money!), I’ve been hording ideas.  I occasionally think of something that I think would be interesting to write about, and then I think “I should save that for blogathon!”  I have this fear that the 24 hours of blogging is going to result in about 40 posts about how tired I am and how cute my cats are.  And while I find that to be riveting reading, other people may be a touch bored.  Crazy thoughts, I know, but some people just don’t care for cats.  Or my sleeping habits.

I have, so far, secured a few wildly interesting people to do guest blogs for me, I’ve written down a few ideas and have solicited ideas from people on my other, much more well-read*, blog, and I’ve tried to think of things to actually do on July 25 so that I’m not just sitting at home in my pajamas for 24 hours. (The sun is my friend, and wants to see me again.)  I feel prepared, but I’m not entirely sure what being prepared even means.  I’ve never done the Blogathon before, and when I think about staying up for 24 hours and blogging once every half hour, all I think is “Fun!  I will have it!” and something in the back of my mind is squeaking “Sleep!  We need it!”  Maybe I haven’t really thought this through?

At any rate, the donations are in and I am committed.  Once kind person even donated to me based on an hourly rate, so if I try to quit before the 24 hours are up, I will be depriving the animals of their monies and the guilt will eat me alive.  So for better or for worse, for entertaining or for boring, I am in this thing with all the gusto I can musto.  I just hope you people like cats.

*why am I not using my more well-read blog for the blogathon?  It’s a different style over there.  I don’t think you’d appreciate it unless you are a friend of mine and you enjoy the hilarity of my broken bra or the tales of what horrific dreams I’ve been having lately.  That blog is more of a circle-of-friends blog, this one is more of a face-to-the-world blog.  It seemed appropriate to use this one for something that I would be advertising to my real life friends and coworkers.


2 Responses to “Getting Ready to Blog”

  1. *** Dave said

    Good luck with your Blogathonning!

  2. Hai! I’m Monique, your monitor for this year’s Blogathon! Looking forward to reading your many posts tomorrow! 😀 Good luck!!


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