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In case you were wondering,

Posted by melagee on July 25, 2009

A few blogs ago, oh so many many moons ago, I posted a few of the really random quotes that I use on almost a daily basis.  I forgot to put one on the list, and it came up in casual conversation with Catherine…Omega? Winters? Either or?

We were getting on the elevator and I was bemoaning the fact that the elevator only goes down and we had to take the stairs back up.  Suddenly:

“Where do those stairs go?” I asked.
Poor Catherine couldn’t have looked more confused.  “You want to take the stairs?”

Actually, I was just quoting GhostBusters, but, as Catherine pointed out, I had “too much context”.  That’s me!  The master of context and small yapping dogs!  I rule.

So!  Answers?

  • “Step this way.” — Spoken by Scrooge to his clark, Crachet at the end of A Christmas Carol.  He’s trying so hard to maintain his strict serious face so that he can surprise the hell out of Bob with his good news.
  • “You were right,” — Spoken by a nameless girl, right after having sex with Leonardo DiCaprio in Man in the Iron Mask.  The full line is “You were right.  A woman has never known love, ’till she’s know the love of a king.”  To which Louis replies, “I’m hungry.”
  • “I cannot carry anymore!” — Spoken by the female Barbarian in Champions of Norrath, my favourite video game.  She can only carry so many things at once, and when she’s at capacity and I keep trying to pick things up, she yells at me.  Sometimes I also use the female Dark Elf’s vally girlish version, “My pack’s full!”
  • “The books make our speaking English good.” — said by Xander to, I think, Giles in an episode of Buffy.  I don’t even fully remember the context, I just remember loving the line and it’s delicious wrongness.
  • “Use your words, dude.” — From Red vs Blue.  I really can’t remember which character said it, or in which episode, but it’s a great line for when people fumble over their own words, or become tongue tied.  You know, if you like to mock the misfortunes of others. Like I do.
  • “I love this show!” — Spoken by Gir in an episode of Invader Zim, which is one of the most awesomely awesome shows to ever awesome.  Gir is such a spectacular lovable character, too, you may remember that I almost named by cat after him.  I use this line a lot when talking about tv shows, which I kind of do a lot.
  • “I’ll be your mother, now!” — Little Red Riding Hood to Jack (of Beanstalk fame) in the final scenes of Into the Woods.  It’s completely random and never in context, but somehow I find a way to use it, and nobody ever ever gets it.  I think that just makes it all the more fun.

There.  Do you feel sated, now?


6 Responses to “In case you were wondering,”

  1. Jeanie said

    The Xander quote is from when Miss Calendar comes to the library to speak to Giles and comments that the scoobies (I think it’s Xander and Buffy in this scene… maybe Willow too) sure spend a lot of time in the library.
    The actual quote is “To read makes our speaking English good.”
    I use that one a lot too.

  2. Jaynee said

    I used to quote Buffy all the time, but the only one that stuck is “Bitca?” which I still say with great regularity.

    • melagee said

      haha, I love bitca.

      my other favourite is Buffy asking Spike to explain why he’s outside her house in five words or less. He responds while ticking off his fingers: “Out for a walk. Bitch.”

  3. I feel SO sated now!

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