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In the Beginning

Posted by melagee on July 25, 2009

As I type this it is 5:45am and I am exhausted.  Already.  I’m not sure if I reall knew what I was getting into when I decided to do the blogathon, bu it’s starting to dawn on me that I have committed my entire day to thinking and writing and trying to be interesting.  Which is fine, except that there are a whole host of other things that I need to be doing today, not the least of which is sleeping.

I know it sounds trivial, but I haven’t had a day to sleep in for the past two weeks, and won’t have one for another week, and that kind of hurts me.  I love sleeping in.  I love it so much that long ago I promised myself that at least one day a week I would stay in bed until noon.  And now I am going three weeks without staying in bed past 7am.  It’s already doing a number on my system and my overall energy level.

The good news is that I get some time off after this week, and I should be able to sleep in for a few days at that point.  I will probably end up going to bed on August 1 and not getting up until August 12.  Ooo, that actually sounds really nice right about now.

god, why am I awake at 6am on a Saturday?  it’s criminal.


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