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Oil of Olay

Posted by melagee on July 25, 2009

Way way way back early this morning, I posted a list of webcomics that I like, and I linked to one strip of Dinosaur Comics in particular that gave me many hours of enjoyment. The strip I linked to included the dialogue from an old commercial for Oil of Olay.  It was so complately random and so completely nostalgic, I remembered it instantly.  The strip was brilliant, even managing to incorporate the inflection in the voices of the actors.  I present, the best Dinosaur Comics strip possibly ever:


Ringing any bells?  Odds are, if you grew up in Canada or Australia, you’ve seen this commercial before.  If the strip didn’t jog any memories, here’s the real fun – the actual commercial.



This makes me smile a lot.

And as an added bonus, anyone recognize Miss Fitzhenry?  It might help if you pictured her blue-skinned and bald.



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