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Reiteration of Vegetarianism

Posted by melagee on July 25, 2009

Originally I said that I was a vegetarian if I said so, and it didn’t matter if I fit with other peoples definitions of the word.  The two people who actually read that blog post didn’t agree with me, but I haven’t changed my mind.  I just think they didn’t understand the point I was trying to make.

If I choose to be identified by a certain label, it’s really my choice.  It’s rude and arrogant to assume that you are better able to define someone than they are.  Really, if you want to define vegetarian in whatever way you want, you can do that; but if I am asking you to do me the courtesy of using the label I choose on my personally, then you should respect that.  It is just intolerably rude if I tell you that I am a vegetarian and you say No you’re not.

I do not tell you that you’re not really christian, because you don’t go to church every week.  I do not tell you that you’re not really a woman, because you don’t have a vagina.  I do not tell you that you’re not really nerdy, because you don’t read comic books.  To define a label and then apply it to other people is absolutely fine.  To do so to a specific person who has asked you not to, is really not fine.  It’s rude.  How many ways can I say it?  Rude.


One Response to “Reiteration of Vegetarianism”

  1. Ed said

    Labels have qualifications. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t qualify for the label, it just makes you look stupid to use it. Redefining the qualifications just because you want to be able to use it and then having a hissy fit when people don’t see it your way? That’s really immature.

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