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The Boyfriend List #1: Spider-Man

Posted by melagee on July 25, 2009

As if you didn’t know this was coming.

Yes, people, Spider-Man is my number one boyfriend.  Peter Parker, the Amazing, Spectacular, Web-Of Spider-Man.  Those of you who have known me for any period of time will know that I am completely and utterly crazy about this web-crawling menace.  And why?  That’s easy too, if you know me.

I don’t believe in the great fantastic love story.  I don’t believe that relationships like the ones you see in romances really happen.  I believe that love is something more solid and steady as opposed to something hot and romantic.  I do, however, enjoy a good story about a great love affair, and Spider-Man has that x2.

The first great love of Peter Parker’s life, and the one I think was his “one” was Gwen Stacey.  Gwen was a sweet, sometimes simpering girl that  he was involved with while in college.  It shouldn’t be a spoiler to anyone at this point that as soon as Peter and Gwen found some measure of happiness, the Green Goblin swooped in and dropped Gwen from the top of the George Washington Bridge.  Spider-Man shot a web line out to catch Gwen by the ankle, but he was too late; the fall had already done its damage.

Every woman who followed was measured against her.  Peter never got over Gwen Stacey, the love of his life.  In fact in every story of an alternate reality where Parker is able to live out his greatest desire, the life he would choose if he could, Gwen is always alive and always with Peter.

gwenneckThe death of Gwen Stacey was one of the major turning points in Peter’s life.  From now on you could measure Peter’s life in the comics in one of two ways: before Gwen, and after Gwen.  He never got over the guilt he felt for letting her go, and he never stopped loving her.  And what makes it even sadder is that, although the Green Goblin is ultimately responsible for the death of Gwen Stacey, Peter’s attempt to save her is what literally killed her.

It wasn’t the fall or the altitude that were the cause of death; it was the sudden stop causing Gwen’s neck to snap.  It was Peter’s grabbing her by the ankle and stopping her fall.  Peter Parker was unwittingly and unknowingly responsible for the death of Gwen Stacey.  How absolutely tragic.

Once Gwen was out of the picture, the stage was set for Peter and Mary Jane Parker to finally get it on.  They’d known each other and been friends with each other all the while that Peter was dating Gwen, and when Peter sunk into a deep depression over the loss of his lover, MJ was there to take care of him.  She was the only one who was really there for him during this time, and eventually the friendship that Peter felt for MJ turned into love.

They had some rough times – like when they lost their baby, May – but Peter and MJ were together for a long time and although *I* personally never got over the loss of Peter+Gwen, I could see that Peter+MJ were a much more rock solid couple who really seemed to belong together.  I was happy for them, and really, I thought MJ was pretty awesome.

Spider-Man’s romantic relationships are only one reason why I adore him so.  The other, probably much bigger, reason that I love him is his completely consuming sense of responsibility.  He’s a norma guy with extraordinary powers, and while there’s no denying that he sometimes has fun being the web-slinger, he would much rather have anormal life with his normal wife, and not have to run off into danger and leave behind the ones he cares about.  But he does it anyway.  Because, if you’ll allow me one brief moment of cheese, he’s a hero.

Spider-Man is cute, smart, noble, funny, responsible, and dedicated.  He has all of my favourite qualities in a person, and a snazzy pair of red tights.  Sometimes the writers do some really suspect things with him, but overall he’s been consistantly entertaining and heroic, and I have always had a soft spot in my heart for a hero.


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