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The Boyfriend List #3 & #2 – John Crichton & Jensen Ackles

Posted by melagee on July 25, 2009

3 – John Crichton

He is a fictional character, I acknowledge that.  My crush is not on Ben Browder, who happily shares Crichton’s good looks, but rather on the character he played in my favourite sci-fi show, Farscape.

John Cricton is, simply, the perfect man.  So it only makes sense that he doesn’t actually exist.  He is handsome, smart, funny, nerdy, and emotional without being emo.  He is everything a girl (this girl, anyway) could ever want.  And once again I find that the quality that puts him so high on the list, also keeps him from ever really being mine (excluding the fictional thing): Aeryn Sun.

His fictional relationship with the beautiful and steely warrior Aeryn is one of the most amazing and beautiful I’ve ever seen on television.  The progression of the two coming together, falling apart, and coming back together again is never boring, trite, or overplayed.  I believed every moment they spent together and every moment they spent apart.  I adore Crichton, but I adore John and Aeryn together, even more.

johnandaerynMy old roommate and I used to have a drinking game we played when watching Farscape,  We played with coolers in shot glasses, as opposed to actual shots, because the game was so heavy with cues that otherwise we wouldn’t have lasted more than an episode.  One of our cues was whenever John made a pop culture reference.  I was always wildly entertained when he would get his nerd on, not caring for a moment that the people around him didn’t understand what he was talking about.  That they, in fact, thought he was pretty crazy.

Crichton was at times crazy, desperate, lonely, and passionate.  What he never was, was boring.  He’s a fictional man that is made up of the very best qualities of man, and that’s why he’s on the boyfriend list.


#2 – Jensen Ackles

Are you kidding me?  Do I really need to spell this out for you?


Good LORD, smoking hot.  Like, start googling topless pictures right NOW, hot.  Like, I’d probably melt into a puddle if I Ever met him, hot.  Like, my eyes are BURNING, hot.  HOT.  SO HOT.

and, I’m sure he has a nice personality too.



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