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The Boyfriend List #’s 5 & 4: NPH & Dr. Who

Posted by melagee on July 25, 2009

#5 – Neil Patrick Harris

Yes, I know he’s gay.  No, I don’t care.  Fantasy list, remember?  I can put anyone I want on here.  I can put the Jolly Green Giant on here if I want to, but I won’t because he’s a little green for me and ever since my failed love affair with Bruce Banner,I’ve been off green.

I am not (really) embaressed to admit that I had a crush on NPH back in his Doogie Howser days, but now that he’s all grown up and singing his wannabe evil heart out, I have reached new depths of my fantasy love.  Who knew he had such a sweet voice?  Who knew I would be so fascinated by a sweet voice? who knew that I wouldn’t be able to think of a third question for this line of thought?


#4 – David Tennant

Oh, doctor, my doctor!  Okay, that was cheesy, and a little bit of a reference to Star Trek.  The fact remains, David Tennant has the most adorable smile I’ve yet to see (at least among boyfriends).  He was not only the nerdiest looking Dr. Who in a long list of nerdy looking Dr. Who’s, but he was the most passionate and the most excitable, and I do love that in an imaginary boyfriend.  The conundrum is that the one thing keeping him from being higher on the list is the same thing that put him on the list in the first place, the Doctor’s relationship with Rose Tyler, and the chemistry between the two characters.  And it’s not just because of Billi Piper’s nickname for him, either.  You do know his nickname, don’t you?  I’ll give you a hint: it starts with “Ten-Inch Tennant”.


3 Responses to “The Boyfriend List #’s 5 & 4: NPH & Dr. Who”

  1. Jaynee said

    I’m a big NPH fan too – he’s the second reason I tuned in to “How I Met Your Mother” when that show started (Alyson Hannigan was the first reason).

    • melagee said

      I just can’t get into that show, although I do like many of the actors in it. I think I’m just over the whole canned laughter comedy right now.

      but it’s been ages since I’ve seen an episode. has it improved since season 1?

  2. […] is blogging this and that, mostly (but not exclusively) about possible celebrity boyfriends. Some nice reading […]

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