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The Naming of Mayday

Posted by melagee on July 25, 2009

mayday3When my bunny passed away a few years ago, I suddenly had room for another animal in my life.  So I went down to the Toronto Humane Society and decided to adopt a cat.  A friend for Rygel, I thought.  How nice!

I went in and told them I wanted a female cat (less likely to fight with my male cat), who was declawed (in case they did fight, it would be fair), and who was either older or had been here for a while (less likely to find a home).  They said “We have one like that!” and lead me into the back end of the shelter and introduced me to this beautiful soft-furred lady.

As soon as they opened the cage and I gave her my finger to sniff, I knew she was mine.  She didn’t seem to be afraid of me at all; quite the opposite, she seemed to take to me immediately.  I took her home and kept her separate from Rygel so they could be introduced to each other gradually.

Later that day I thought about what I could name my new kitty.  Usually when an animal comes into my life, they do something that inspires a name, almost as though they were naming themselves.  But this new kitty wasn’t doing anything that made me shout Eureka!  So I decidd to take a different approach: I would write down a whole bunch of names that I thought were cute, put them in a hat, and pick one out.  Whatever name I picked out would apply to my lovely new kitten!

The first name I picked out was Gir.  Hmm.  Too much personality.  I chose again and got Miss Kitty Fantastico.  No, too long really.  The next name out was Muffins.  Ugh, really?  what was I thinking there?  In quick succession I also pulled out and dismissed Spot, Tattoo, Bunny, Zhan, Potato, and Sassy Pants.  Finally I picked out Mayday.  Oh.  Mayday.  Yes, that sounds really nice.  Mayday,  I like it!

And the name stuck.

For those of you who are wondering (it’s killing you, I know) Mayday is named after Spider-Man’s daughter.  Yes, Spider-Man had a daughter.  In regular (Earth 616) continuity, little May Parker was not long for this world, but in an alternate reality, May “Mayday” Parker is swining proud as the daughter of Spider-Man.

Also, she likes to sleep on my laptop and meow for no apparent reason.  I loves her.



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