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Theme Girl

Posted by melagee on July 25, 2009

Would you believe, I’m tired of talking about boyfriends?  I know, shocking, because the subject matter is so fascinating.

I think I’m just a little bit panicked that I don’t have 48 blog posts in me.  But maybe I can be fun and frivolous without being boring?  and I’m thinking 10 separate posts about boys (which was to then be followed by 10 separate posts about girls) is just really boring.  Maybe I will put those ideas on hold and go back to them if I run out of things to say.  Regardless, I will have to go back to them.  I cannot leave things unfinished.  It irks me.

In other news, I am utterly failing to do any of the nonblogathon things that I had planned to do today.  I have done zero laundry, not a lick of cleaning, and not placed any phone calls.  bah!  How can I let the details of life get in the way when there is blogging to be done?!  The words must be spoken (typed)!  The lists must be compiled!  If I don’t do it, who will?!

Oh.  Right.  One of the other hundreds of people who are doing the blogathon.  I forgot.

Oh well!  I’ll catch up to my life sooner or later, I’m sure.  It’s not like it can leave with me, uh…right?


2 Responses to “Theme Girl”

  1. I for one, am looking forward to the top ten girls 😛

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