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Whoops, almost missed it!

Posted by melagee on July 25, 2009

I mosied down on to Workspace to hang with my fellow nerds, and almost missed my time for a new blog.  I have been blogging a wee bit in advance throughout the day so that I could take some time out to travel down here and maybe get a coffee (mmm, love that coffee!) and I didn’t realize my time was so close!  Good thing I am back, you guys were almost blogless for like a minute!  Because I am the only person blogging today, ever, anywhere.  ahem.

Workspace has a lot of really nice art, and so far I have met some cool people.  I can’t remember a lot of their names (I am lame) but they are cool nonetheless.

okay, I’m out of words.  I just ate ice cream and my brain may have frozen a smidge.

Karen Quinn Fung will not give me spoilers.  This makes Hulk angry!


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