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Home Stretch

Posted by melagee on July 26, 2009

There area about six hours left in the blogathon, and I am really feeling it.  I just lay down on my bed for a minute to close my eyes, and when I opened them again, half a, hour had passed. Now I am typing with one hand so I don’t have to sit up.

Dude, I’m tired.

you know what else?  you drink enough caffeine and eventually it doesn’t work so well anymore.

It’s really nice that people are commenting on some of the stuff I’ve been writing.  Thanks, you guys, I really appreciate how supportive you’ve been.  It’s been very encouraging  🙂  I have a feeling it will be harder for you to comment as it gets later into the night (and earlier into the morning), but you should check back in the morning, eh?  I might have something interesting to day.  Anything could happen, right?

6 hours to go!


2 Responses to “Home Stretch”

  1. Betsy said

    I still have yet to break into the Mt. Dew in the fridge, and I’ve been trying to eat semi-healthy so I don’t get sick. Eh. We’ll see. :]

    • melagee said

      eating healthy is over-rated! 😉 I was into the chips and cola all evening. Didn’t anyone tell you? – calories don’t count when you’re blogging!

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