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That’s a weird place to pee.

Posted by melagee on July 26, 2009

So, one of my cats (I’m not sure which one, but I’m pretty sure his name starts with a “Ry” and ends with a “gel”) has taken to peeing in a rather unusual place.  He’s been peeing on the side of the bathtub, in between the two shower curtains.

I’ve started noticing this in the mornings when I go to take a shower.  There will be a few spots on the side of the tub, and more pee inside the tub where it has run down.  I don’t really mind this, in fact I had previously wanted to encourage it because it was much easier to clean than any of the other places he’s started peeing, and it save on kitty litter!  Win-win for me!  I pretended to pout and moan about it, though, just so that he would think he was succeeding in his job at irritating me.

I think this may not be such a good thing, anymore.  I just walked into the bathroom and found cat pee on the floor.  I have deduced that there are probably occasions on which Ry-I mean THIS CAT, will go to pee on the side of the tub, and the pee will flow down the other side of the tub.  Not into the tub, but onto the floor.  I am fairly certain that is what has happened here.

No huge deal, still easier to clean than pee on the bed or the rug, but damn.  I am going crazy with all of this acting out.  I am really hoping that the problem here is that they hate the apartment and that my moving will change things, because if it doesn’t, I’m kind of at a loss.  Will I need to go to a kitty psychologist?  gah!


One Response to “That’s a weird place to pee.”

  1. Oh wow, lol. That IS a weird place to pee. o_O

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