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The Girlfriend List #10, #9, #8

Posted by melagee on July 26, 2009

Oh, ho, ho!  Didn’t think it was actually gonna happen, did you, sucka?  Well it is, but in much more condensed form than the Boyfriend List.  Why so much less cred?  because I am tired, goddammit,and I am bored with talking about people who are hot.  I just feel the need to represent to mah ladies.

now take it and like it!

#10 – Lauren Ambrose

I actually really disliked her character on Six Feet Under, but Lauren herself is just so…gosh.  So pretty.  There’s something about her, an arrogance maybe, like she knows she’s a super pretty girl, and uses it to her advantage.  But I don’t get any malice from her, so I’m okay with it. And, now that I think about it, I kind of disliked all of the characters on Six Feet Under.

#9 – Ginnifer Goodwin

Another stunningly beautiful girl from a horrible show, Ginnifer played one of three wives on the incredibly sexist and preachy Big Love.  She played a character with spunk and the biggest heart in Utah, and I would have married her in an instant.  Especially when she smiled.  Oh, gosh, her smile.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an absolutely amazing smile.  I think I would do cartwheels and learn to juggle fire if I could get this girl to smile at me.

#8 – Sarah Slean

The first time I heard a song by Sarah Slean was in the middle of the night, on MuchMusic.  They played “Sweet Ones” and I enjoyed the song so much that I tuned back into MM when they replayed the song a few hours later.  (MuchMusic generally repeats their programming three times every 24 hours.)  This was back in the days before I knew my way around a torrent.

A few years later when I was working for an organization that honoured women in business, I nominated Sarah for one of the awards my company handed out.  It was a prestigious award that ultimately went to a woman in business writing, but I was so excited for a few moments when Sarah actually accepted the nomination.  I didn’t notice at the time that no one else in the office seemed to know who she was, I just kept day dreaming about meeting her at the ceremony and telling her I was the one who had nominated her.

ah, day dreams.


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