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Something Different

Posted by melagee on August 6, 2009

It’s been a while since the blogathon, and I guess it’s only fair to finally put something new up here for the millions and millions of people who read my blog on a daily basis.  I guess working on the blogathon kind of sapped my mind clean of anything that I thought I had to say – I’ve certainly had my fill of talking about cute boys and girls for a while – and I’m kind of turned off of writing about anything right now.  I’m still in mental recovery is what I’m saying, I guess.  But in the intrerest of wiping the dust off my blog, I’m posting something new.  Well, something updated.

Life has taken over my, well, life lately with work, volunteering, and entertaining my two lovely and talented houseguests.  I’m having fun and getting stuff done, but I could really use some downtime.  I kind of wish I had asked for another few days off next week so that I can just lay in bed and do diddlysquat for a while before I go back to my regular routine.  I don’t regret any of my time commitments lately (wait, does work count?), I just know that when I don’t get some downtime I become problematic.  And you wouldn’t like me when I’m problematic.

Okay, that’s all you get.  I can hear a ranga snoring in the other room and it’s reminded me of how very late it is.  I’m visiting a giant mountain named Grouse tomorrow to make baby noises at some bears and admire some lumberjacks, and this requires lots of rest and relaxation.

Good night, lovely people.


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