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Laws for Living

Posted by melagee on December 11, 2009

If I ruled the world, there would be certain laws that everyone would be forced to follow.  The brilliant common sense approach to my Laws is probably why I don’t rule the world.  Politics has a habit of being as convoluted and complicated as humanly possible.

Here are a couple of my Laws.

Law #1:  Anyone waiting to exit or enter an elevator must maintain a minimum distance of at least 2 feet from the door.  This prevents the uncomfortable surprise encroachment of your body into other people’s personal space when the door eventually opens.  This Law also applies to buses and subways.

Law #2: When riding on an express bus which is consistently jam-packed during rush hour, provided there is a non-express bus which covers basically the same route, all passengers are prohibited from carrying onto the express bus any of the following items: a baby stroller; gear for your week-long camping trip; a guitar or otherwise ginormous instrument; more than two children under the age of 7.


One Response to “Laws for Living”

  1. Anonymous said

    Hm. Now, this second law is less of a law for yourself and more of a law for others.

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