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On Vampires

Posted by melagee on February 12, 2010

I have been thinking about vampires a lot lately.  People are complaining about Twilight and it’s sparkly vampires, which I take some indie umbrage at, since I was complaining about brooding, aged vampires and their teen sweethearts before it got all cool.  Honestly, between Twilight, True Blood, and Angel, I have really reached my limit on that particular cliché.  So here are some ideas for some new vampire movies:

Knight in the City
When thousand-year-old vampire William Daye is framed for a crime he didn’t commit, serious, by-the-book police detective Susan Knight is the charged with and bringing him to justice.  Set in the dark streets of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Knight goes undercover as a newly converted vampire in an effort to locate Daye.  But as Knight follows Daye further into the forbidden world of vampireism she learns more about the man she must hunt down, and his way of life.  When faced with the ultimate decision, will Knight honour her life of obligation, or will she choose to embrace the life of the undead?

Not My Type!
Newly-bitten Ray Smeckles (Zac Efron) has just transferred to Westview Secondary’s night school program, and is eager to continue living his life in as normal a manner as possible.  When Ray meets Lola Brandt (Michelle Trachtenberg), President of the Student Vampireism Coalition, all of his plans get turned upside down!  Loud, proud, and half-drunk on blood, Lola is everything that Ray doesn’t want to be, but she just may be the only one who can teach Ray to accept himself as the vampire he truly is.

Small Packages
Turned at the age of 12, Josh has lived for hundreds of years without ever finding a way to fulfill his dreams of playing pro football.  While older Vampires take the field night after night in the professional vampire league, Josh can only sit on the sidelines and think about what might have been.  But when a kind-hearted coach takes pity on the small vampire and puts him on the team, all of Josh’s dreams seem to be coming true.  Will the reality be able to live up to years of yearning, and more importantly, will Josh be able to live up to his own expectations and show the world that his heart can still beat – for the game.

Hayden and Sonja are natural born enemies:  He is descended from a long line of vampire hunters, and she is poised to inherit the Vampire Crown.  Hayden has sworn to avenge his mother, who died tragically in the Vampire Riots, and Sonja swears a fierce and dedicated commitment to fighting for the freedom of her people.  Both have lived their entire lives for the day they would finally meet, and now that they have, Hayden and Sonja are in love.  Hesitant at first, they are ultimately unable to resist their love for each other.  Can the two star-crossed lovers find a way to force their family’s to accept them together, or will their tale end in blood?

Okay, that last one is still pretty cliché.


One Response to “On Vampires”

  1. Jael Paris said

    I love vampires as metaphor, but I hate them as a trend or device to make a blah story stand out. I also hate those abstinent sparkly things.

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