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I’ll do what I can.

Posted by melagee on February 27, 2011

Last night a fellow I had just met seemed surprised that I have a blog. I guess he doesn’t meet a lot of bloggers. More than once he exclaimed “You have a blog?!” and I didn’t really know what to say because, well yes, technically, I have three blogs, but I don’t really do much blogging anymore. Ever since I moved into the world of Twitter I’ve given up on blogging.

Most of the time when I had something I wanted to write about, it was pretty irrelevant and pointless – just something cute or funny – and Twitter has been able to fill that need quite nicely. I didn’t see any reason to keep blogging, really. But last night, when I realized that I could not safely say “Yes, I am a blogger!” anymore, I realized how much I missed it.

So, here’s something else I’m going to add to the list of Stuff I Want To Do. This, in addition to working and studying and a half-dozen other little hobbies I’m trying to break in to.

What the hell. I can do this, right? If nothing else it’s a good opportunity for me to adjust to the practice of leaving one space after a period. I’ve done two spaces my whole life, so this is a hard habit to break.

I think I just digressed. I do that.


3 Responses to “I’ll do what I can.”

  1. bloggyme said

    Yes, thanks for blogging again! I’ve been so lazy at it. Motivate me! – N

  2. Jessa said

    Blogging is awesome. Only awesome people have blogs.

    Wait, that’s not true. Lots of lame people have blogs, too.

    Not that you’re lame. Mostly I just want to thank you for being a not-lame blogger. Yes.

    Also, I miss you bunches. Just sayin’.

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