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Morning Walk: Day 1

Posted by melagee on February 28, 2011

I’ve decided to give morning walks a try. I’m going to get up an hour before I usually do, go out for a walk, and then come home and get showered and dressed for work. I’ve committed to doing it for this week (Mon-Fri) and I’ll see how I feel at the end of the week. If I’m not too tired and don’t make too many excuses to get out of it, I’ll make a longer commitment.


Last night I loaded the soundtrack to Aladdin onto my mp3 player and it was the first thing I listened to when I went for my walk this morning. I listened to the album once and thought, this is great! Then I tried listening a second time and thought, I’m bored already. As a teenager I remember this album being a lot more exciting. My brother had a tape cassette of the soundtrack and I stole it from him and listened to it over and over. As an adult, who hasn’t seen the movie in years, I found the whole thing pretty dry once I got past the novelty of it.

One interesting aspect of the soundtrack was listening to Robin Williams sing. I felt very aware that I was listening to Robin Williams, not the Genie, sing about what a great pal he is. I pictures him making crazy faces and ridiculous voices in a recording booth, and imagined him wondering if it sounded funny enough. I guess that’s what happens when you listen to a soundtrack without having seen the movie for years and years. Although I wonder now if I watch the movie, will I still hear Robin Williams every time the Genie speaks?

. . .

As I was walking by someone’s front lawn, I saw a tiny puppy run down the stairs. I didn’t see a person, so I lingered a bit to make sure this wasn’t a lost puppy. The door was closed, but I saw the curtains ruffle, which was rather suspicious. Tiny Puppy did business and then ran back to the door, and was let in.

Am I crazy for thinking this is poor pet ownership? The temperature at the time was a balmy 3 degrees, it was not raining, and this house had a lawn facing the street with no fence. Also, TINY PUPPY. If you can’t even be bothered to, at the very least, stand in the door while your puppy pees, maybe you shouldn’t have a puppy.


One Response to “Morning Walk: Day 1”

  1. Jeanie said

    The morning walk thing sounds like a great idea. If the week works out well, aim for a month… They say that if you can stick to a repetetive behaviour (like exercise or practicing an instrument) for 30 days then it becomes habit instead of chore.

    As to the tiny puppy: while most of the dogs I’ve had have been inclined to run accross the road to visit a cat, kid, tree, ball, leaf, neighbour or squirrel when let out into an unfenced yard, I’ve known quite a few dogs who instinctively know to stay within their own yards and would never even concider straying. The tiny puppy is probably just one of those dogs. If the curtains ruffled it sounds like the owner was probably either keeping an eye out for the dog, or noticed you standing in front of their house staring at the dog and thought that suspicious. It would be irresponsible for me to let one of my dogs out into the front yard unsupervised, but I wouldn’t concider it irresponsible for my neighbours to let their dog out unattended as she patrols the yard and won’t leave it even if enticed by someone who she knows and likes but who isn’t one of her owners. Not that I’ve ever tried to call her over for a visit or anything… ahem. I’d never do that.

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