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Morning Walk: Day 3

Posted by melagee on March 2, 2011

Not an exciting morning, this one.

I refrained from hitting the snooze button this morning and sat upright at once when my alarm went off. As soon as I turned off the alarm I fell back down into bed and it took me ten minutes of mental pep-talking in order to get back up again. I was sleeeeeepy this morning. So far I’m not loving this whole wake-up-an-hour-early thing. It’s hard for me to get out of bed when I A) Don’t have to, and B) Don’t want to.

On the plus side, eggs are tasty. Oh, man, I could go for some eggs right now.

I am really looking forward to the onset of Spring. The nice thing about cold weather is that I can hop out of bed, put on a hat, go for my walk without worrying about how I look, and then shower when I come back. The not nice thing about winter is that it’s cold and wet and I have to wear boots and oh yeah did I mention the wet? Maybe if I’m still doing morning walks in the Spring/Summer, I can pick up a cap to wear.

Edit: Just had a brilliant idea for the walks. Harry Potter books on tape. GENIUS.

. . .

I went to the post office and met an Asian lady who had learned English in New Zealand. Really interesting accent.



One Response to “Morning Walk: Day 3”

  1. noreen said

    musicals are also awesome to listen to while walking.

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