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Morning Walk: Day 4

Posted by melagee on March 3, 2011

Hit the snooze button once this morning. Pet the cats for an additional 5 minutes before I got out of bed. This is getting harder, not easier.

I was unbelievably sleepy this morning. With waking up so early and working proper full-time hours again, I feel like I have such a small amount of time to do other things, each day. Homework takes at least two hours (more when there’s an essay to write) each day, and then I have to get busy making dinner, preparing lunch for the next day, and playing with the cats. By the time I’m done doing all of the things I’m obligated to do, it’s time for bed.

Instead of music I listened to one of Dane Cook’s stand-up routines. amber gave me this one years ago when we first met, and I never got around to listening to it because it’s just audio. I’ve really enjoyed some of his stuff before, but this one…meh. The highlights of the routine were the two occasions where he quoted lines from movies in popular culture and got them wrong. I was a little embarrassed for him, but then I remembered that he has lots of money and I don’t so probably he should be feeling sorry for me. I have a lovely audiobook narrated by the lovely Stephen Fry waiting for me at home, and I will listen to that tomorrow morning. I think it should make for a lovely walk. Did I say lovely enough just now? Lovely lovely lovely!

I just thought about how much I am looking forward to going home tonight, and then I remembered that I have a coffee appointment and I felt a little bit disappointed. It’s sad when you’re so tired that you don’t even want to see cool people.


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