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Motivation for Daily Walks

Posted by melagee on April 18, 2011

I have felt low in the motivation department when it comes to walking every day. I think walking is really good for me, and most of the time I am pretty happy once I’m actually out and about, it’s just getting started that I have trouble with lately. I feel like I’ve been trying to do a lot of things I’m not really keen on in the past couple of months or so, that it’s getting harder to force myself to fulfill all of my responsibilities. So I’m going to use the internet as my reinforcement.

I’m going to go back to blogging about my walks. This time I will be doing it for a much longer period of time (perhaps a month) and not always at the same time very day. I’m not going to tweet about these blogs because ultimately I don’t think they’ll be that interesting, but it will be a way for me to be held accountable. It doesn’t really matter if anyone is actually checking up on me – if they have the ability to check up on me, I will try harder to keep my word.

My goal is to walk for one hour per day, five days per week. Anything beyond that is gravy. I’m starting today.


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