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A Nice Compliment

Posted by melagee on July 13, 2012

The nicest thing just happened to me.

I was sitting outside enjoying the sunshine, and I got up to go back into work. As I was walking, a strange man was walking in my direction. “Hey there,” he said, as he passed, “You’re really pretty.”

Aside from the fact that someone thinks I’m pretty, here’s what was so nice about this: it was a selfless act. The guy didn’t ask for anything, even in an implicit way – he didn’t even stop to gauge my response. He received nothing in return for his compliment, nor did he appear to expect anything. If he had even just stopped and waited for a response, the compliment might have seemed a little creepy, but he  just kept on keepin’ on.

This random compliment really puts into sharp perspective all the guys who cat call, objectify, and hit on strange women with the expectation that they will get a date, sex, or just our eternal gratitude out of it. The nice part of all this is the relief of receiving a compliment without any of the implied pressure of giving anything back. The sad part of all this is how much more awful the entitled dudes make me feel with their loaded compliments and objectifying cat calls.


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