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Some Brief Items About Europe (Mostly London)

Posted by melagee on July 18, 2012

I paid extra for my flights to and from Europe, and it was completely worth it. It wasn’t the fanciest class (premium economy), but there was lots of leg room and really yummy food and free champagne and wine. Also, we get a little kit with a blanket, eye mask, neck pillow, socks, a toothbrush, and ear plugs.


People told me Brits think peanut butter and chocolate is weird and you can’t find it except in specialty stores, but I saw Reeces Peanut Butter cups in every convenience-type store I went into. MORAL: People are big liars.


I do not understand why people take photos of museum artifacts. I went to the British Museum and admired the Rosetta Stone. I stood there for about 15 minutes while small children crowded around in that obnoxious way that only small children can really master (I assume their brains have not developed the ability to not be assholes), and I didn’t take a single photo. Flashes went off all around me, bouncing off the glass  case in which the stone sits.

Hey, look what I found:

Language slab.

It’s a photograph of the Rosetta Stone! Taken by a professional photographer! Without a pane of glass in the way! Shocking, right? I found it on google. It took me about five seconds. It was the first result. Now if I want to remember my time spent looking at the Rosetta Stone, I have this google image to help me. Why on earth would I or anyone else want to take a photo of the stone in the museum?


I went to the theatre many times in London, and so did every other north american tourist. Here are the shows I saw:

  • Singin’ in the Rain (magnificent!)
  • Top Hat (very good)
  • Sweeny Todd (well acted)
  • GATZ (8-hour production of the Great Gatsby; worth it in the end)
  • Henry V (actually left half-way through. not one of my favourite Shakespeare plays, and I really just wanted to see the Globe)
  • 42nd Street (so boring)
  • Wicked (love it, always)


I went to the cinema three times while in Europe. We saw Prometheus (awful) and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (hilarious) while in Belfast, and the popcorn was HORRIBLE. Stale, old, awful. But we went to a cheapy theatre, so maybe the popcorn is better at a higher class establishment.

In Amsterdam we saw The Amazing Spider-Man, which I liked but I remember liking the Sam Rami Spider-Man more, so take that for what it’s worth (a lot). The popcorn at this theatre was boxed and put out for people to pick up. I saw people walking along grabbing handfuls of popcorn out of the open boxes. It was gross.


When I die, please cremate me and put me somewhere in Highgate Cemetery. I suggest putting me in the side with Douglas Addams and Carl Marx, because that side is free and you can come visit me whenever you want (+ cost of airfare to London). Also, I am really doing you a huge favour, because the cemetery is near a really fantastic pizza place called Al Parco, and you will love it.

There are also some cats wandering around the cemetery, and it was the first time in two weeks that I had the chance to pet a kitty (not a euphemism).


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