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The Girlfriend List #1: Sherilyn Fenn

Posted by melagee on July 26, 2009


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The Girlfriend List #3 & #2

Posted by melagee on July 26, 2009

#3 – Joan Osborne & #4 – Lily Allen

you know what, I am running out of things to say.  Really fast.  I like both of these women because they are pretty and when they sing, they kick ass and take no prisoners.  I like their bad attituded and their unapologetic lyrics.  These women are foxy, not just for what they look like, but for what they say.

Now have some pictures.

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The Girlfriend List #7, #6, #5

Posted by melagee on July 26, 2009

#7 – Tori Amos

The weird part about the Girlfriend List is that I really don’t know how to put into words my affection for so many of these women.  Yes, they are all physically attractive women, but there is something more to it than that.  How do I explain how Tori Amos’ words reach me, when I can’t even tell you clearly what she’s singing about at any given moment?  All I know is that there’s something in her voice that makes me want to close my eyes and put my head in her lap.  She is longing and bitter sweetness and the unattainable.  She is lost to me, a mystery to me, but I will never stop chasing her.

#6 – Bif Naked

Now, Bif, on the other hand…

Bif Naked is my sassy, hot shit, don’t-take-nothing-from-no-one, ass-kicking bitch.  I love her because she’s all attitude and fierceness on the outside, and all soft and squishy on the inside.  She looks like someone you don’t want to fuck with, but she’s got the temperament of a pussy cat.  She lives an utterly and unbelievable clean lifestyle, and still maintains a rocker image. How the hell does she do that?

I don’t know, man, but I do know that I’d like a closer look at those tattoos. ifyaknowwhai’msain?  Okay, that was crude.  What I mean is, I’d like to see more of her body, perhaps in a sexual context.  Better?

This is Bif from my favourite period, before she got really really thin (not because of the breast cancer) and started looking unhealthy.  I’m a little worried about my lady, because she seemed unnaturally thin, but I heard she put on some weight in chemo.

Okay, the truth is, I’m just typing whatever I can think of so that I can space out the paragraphs nicely.  This line’s mostly filler.  So’s this one.  Is it working?  Shoot, I just realized it will probably look different on everyone’s computers.  bah!

#5 – Sabrina Lloyd

Who?  I know, right?  Not the most well-known of ladies, but oh Sabrina Lloyd.  She was one of my first girl crushes.  I first saw her when she was one of the regular actors on a show called Sliders.  Everyone remembers Sliders, right?  She played Wade Wells, the nerdy but lovable gal pal of lead Jerry O’Connell,who she was also secretly in love with.  Part way through the show they ditched her character, which I was really angry about (because she was so cute), but something happened between me and Sabrina that kind of sparked my fascination with small girls with short mops of brown hair.  I’m not kidding, I’m actually very fond of that type.

Later she popped up on SportsNight, and then Numb3rs, and she was just as cute and perky and lovable as always, but in my heart she will always be Wade.

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The Girlfriend List #10, #9, #8

Posted by melagee on July 26, 2009

Oh, ho, ho!  Didn’t think it was actually gonna happen, did you, sucka?  Well it is, but in much more condensed form than the Boyfriend List.  Why so much less cred?  because I am tired, goddammit,and I am bored with talking about people who are hot.  I just feel the need to represent to mah ladies.

now take it and like it!

#10 – Lauren Ambrose

I actually really disliked her character on Six Feet Under, but Lauren herself is just so…gosh.  So pretty.  There’s something about her, an arrogance maybe, like she knows she’s a super pretty girl, and uses it to her advantage.  But I don’t get any malice from her, so I’m okay with it. And, now that I think about it, I kind of disliked all of the characters on Six Feet Under.

#9 – Ginnifer Goodwin

Another stunningly beautiful girl from a horrible show, Ginnifer played one of three wives on the incredibly sexist and preachy Big Love.  She played a character with spunk and the biggest heart in Utah, and I would have married her in an instant.  Especially when she smiled.  Oh, gosh, her smile.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an absolutely amazing smile.  I think I would do cartwheels and learn to juggle fire if I could get this girl to smile at me.

#8 – Sarah Slean

The first time I heard a song by Sarah Slean was in the middle of the night, on MuchMusic.  They played “Sweet Ones” and I enjoyed the song so much that I tuned back into MM when they replayed the song a few hours later.  (MuchMusic generally repeats their programming three times every 24 hours.)  This was back in the days before I knew my way around a torrent.

A few years later when I was working for an organization that honoured women in business, I nominated Sarah for one of the awards my company handed out.  It was a prestigious award that ultimately went to a woman in business writing, but I was so excited for a few moments when Sarah actually accepted the nomination.  I didn’t notice at the time that no one else in the office seemed to know who she was, I just kept day dreaming about meeting her at the ceremony and telling her I was the one who had nominated her.

ah, day dreams.

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